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Answering the Value Question. Why Should You Belong?
Since professional associations were first conceived, on of their biggest challenges
has been answering the value questions, "Why Should I belong? What's in it for me?"
NFBPA and the Southern Piedmont Chapter are no exception. And in keeping the
heritage of professional associations, the Southern Piedmont Chapter answers that
question with a question of its own: "That depends. What do you want?"
Do you want to increase your value to your employer by expanding
your toolkit of skills?
NFBPA offers a variety of ways members can add to their education. Each year the FORUM, NFBPA's annual conference, offers members discounted access to a variety of hot-topic workshops conducted by nationally known instructors. The Southern Piedmont Chapter of NFBPA, as a matter of routine, offers educational opportunitites throughtout the year.
Do you want to enhance your resource base by expanding your network of business contacts?
Membship in one of over 35 NFBPA chapters with members in more than 350 jurisdictions immediately puts you in contact with a circle of individuals with similiar job responsibiities, questions, concerns and advice. And, expanding the circle outward, attendance at the FORUM brings members face-to-face with a global community of like minds.
Do you want to position yourself for participation in today's global marketplace?
NFBPA's national membership, with chapters in over 25 states is a perfect place to learn about cultures, priorities, practices, and preferences different from your own. Maybe you do not work in a global business today. But what about tommorrow? Jobs change and employers change. The wise employee is prepared for possibilities before they arise. Membership in NFBPA, which has identified for itself a vision of being "the recongnized leader in the public sector", is a good place to start.
Do you want to prepare yourself for management accountability?
NFBPA offers members the opportunity to practice leadership skills through is national and local boards, committees and task forces. Also available to members are the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) and Mentor Prgrams, which develop many of the leadership and management skills required on the job.